Lost Saqah

Once a mighty rival for the Empire of the Obsidian Throne, the Empire of Saqah collapsed in the aftermath of the Lost Era, consumed by errant elemental magics. Now a collection of squabbling city-states, great tracts of arid wilderness, and nightmarish blasphemies barely sealed, it beckons to those who would learn the true power of magic that can be had by those willing to pay any cost.


The arid lands east of the Raincatch Mountains on the Southern Continent, These lands are inhospitable to those unprepared for it. It's dominant feature is the single river which flows from the mountains east to Aqim Delta. Fed by many small tributaries, it flows sluggishly through the hills and sands of the once fertile land, and is surrounded by small settlements trading what they can to survive.   The bulk of the terrain is made up of rocky desert and an equally arid coastline with the welcoming "Coast of Bones" for a moniker. Oasis' are rare and protected by their occupants, but often distressingly close to ruins and the perils they contain. The only significant greenery is along the river or near an oasis. The land it rolling and several skylands float above it.

Fauna & Flora

The flora of Lost Saqah is hardy and of the type common to rocky deserts. Little precipation reaches Lost Saqah, meaning much of its limited flora away from the river and delta is the type that blooms, pollinates, and perishes in the space of a week.   Lost Saqah's fauna is dangerous in the extreme, with few natural animals left after the magic fuelled forces rended the place into its current state.

Alternative Name(s)
Fallen Saqah, Old Saqah
Location under
The Southern Contintent


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