Aeries Crystals

Aeries Crystals are a common to rare (depending on quality) crystalline mineral that is found throughout Iosterra. They are formed where energies from the Elemental Plane of Air penetrate into the world, and like other elemental crystals, they can be "farmed" after a fashion, providing a continuous supply. They are an essential component in many magitechnologies, not the least which are skyships, land barges, and air skiffs. Specialists in air elemental magic, and the clergy that choose to follow the Elemental Lord of Air, see these crystals as vital to their practices. Practitioners of air elemental magic have found that they can enhance spells, and the clergy of the Air Elemental Lord sees them as holy gifts to the world.


Material Characteristics

The crystals are hexagonal in formation, and glow a gentle white-blue color. They are lighter than air, and if broken off form their base, will float gently, achieving neutral buoyancy in the air. The stronger the glow, the more potent the potential power of the crystal, and more it can lift if placed into the right configuration.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Aeries Crystals are slightly cooler than the air temperature around them, are non-flammable, and will float as if they had neutral buoyancy in the air. A gentle breeze can be felt coming from them, although large, ancient growths may reach gale strength winds.

Geology & Geography

There is no rhyme or reason to where these, or other elemental crystals, are formed save the presence of the element they are associated with. They are as likely to be found growing from the middle of a windswept dune, or in a cave the winds howl by; the rarest ones are found where air bubbles up from the water.

Origin & Source

These crystals are formed when energies from the elemental plane of air bleed through into Iosterra.

Life & Expiration

Depending on use and the configuration they are placed in, they can last for decades or centuries. If they are regularly exposed to extremes of air (storm force or greater winds), they can be recharged. Crystals left too long without recharging slowly turn grey and become inert.

Aeries Crystals smell like the air from the places they grew.
Aeries Crystals taste like the air from the places they grew.
Glowing white-blue.
Common State
These crystals are typically found in a raw state, in formations pushing up from a wider base.


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