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Worship District

A vile order has risen to corrupt our minds with false ideals and machines that pretend to be gods. Mentus shall have none of this and by enacting a resurgence of true gods Mentus' Worship District has become the most holy of places in all of RUIN. It does not just hold one god up upon a pestle for the people to pray to, in order to maintain religious balance it worships them all. The worship district is split into good, evil, and neutral, Mentus holds ceremonies in each and every one of the districts regularly. Peace and protection is a gift he gives his people although it does come with a cost. Rivalry has been brought between his people with harsh judgment taken. Mentus believes that no side is right or wrong, but only fate can truly determine the just. There are three Elder Siblings each representing Good, Evil, and Neutral. Setebos owns Neutrality Block where neutrality is in its purest form letting nature take its course. To be apart of Setebos’ domain is to be one with the way of things. To live and to die with time moving as you do. Staying as a middle ground to keep evil and good at bay. Archon Oberon was a priest brought to power by Mentus after showing an extreme commitment to his faith. By maintaining the Holy Block he is able to create followers out of the faith he provides adding holy soldiers to the ranks of the Worship District. Finally Carrion of the Wretched Block is a bad apple of the Worship District committing himself to evil and cruel mockery of his compatriots. Holding mean spirits and killing intent for anybody who enters the Wretched Block without permission. Any form of evil ritual can be found in the Wretched Block with no restraint.


Visually the Worship District is broken up into three distinct blocks. The Holy Block is covered in beautiful etchings carved by veterain engravers denoting different gods of the good alignment. The streets are covered with shrines that locals pray to when passing as a blessing of good luck. There is a church at the end of every block dedicated to the service of a good god. Nearing the Block of Neutrality you will find a fence wall with multiple guards standing watch in case of any beasts that escape. The inside of the Block of Neutrality is familiar to the Green and Grey Layer where wild life takes claim of the land. It is a peculiar sight to see such an oppressive amount of flora on the surface of RUIN and it is still a mystery to those outside of the Block of Neutrality to how they manage to keep it alive. Monsters and other hazards live within making it only survivable to those who have dedicated themselves to living within. Scattered throughout are shrines for the occasional prayer to the wills of nature and as you exit to reach the final block of the Worship District you are greeted with the sight of destruction. The Wretched Block is a mass of disarray and chaos where the buildings are painted with blood, the streets are etched with infernal runes, and the shrines to dark gods are the only things left without being defaced. It goes without saying that the Wretched Block is one of the most infamous places on RUIN where most acts of evil are committed as a show of "faith".
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