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The Seventh Seal

A prison design to strike fear into the minds of the public. Showing no mercy to those who defy the Lawsworn way of life and to represent the power that Lawsworn has over the city. No man, woman, or child is safe from conviction whether you are living among The Cloud Society or are forced to beg in the The Rot Dwellings you are seen as equal under the jurisdiction of Law. Some see it as a worthy sacrifice in order to maintain a level of normality under the circumstance of the world around them, but others despise this place more so than the Lawsworn itself as it holds more power over the people than any person could ever dream to. The Seventh Seal sits between the border of The Rot Dwellings and The Watchers Grounds, acting as a border keeping the impoverished away from their commoners.

Purpose / Function

This prison is designed to reform those who have been sentenced to punishment through fear and pain by knowing that it can always become worse. It holds the most dangerous criminals captured on RUIN and it serves as the most impenetrable stronghold as well.


The Seventh Seal was originally an armory between the 1st and 2nd generation of Lawsworns and was adapted to a prison once the struggle for control began.


The Seventh Seal is built with 7 floors escalating in severity the deeper you go. Ending underneath the city dangling those who have warranted such a punishment beneath the world as they know it.
Alternative Names
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank

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