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Tech District

The Tech District always has buyers and sellers. No matter what territory you’re from you can find something for you. Of course it is more popular for members of The Omnipresence to make regular stops here for parts. You would think that selling supplies to your enemy would be poor strategy, but to Gritz it's just another way to make some extra profit. Not just Automaton related goods are sold though; farming equipment, basic parts, and everyday items keep the money rolling. Gritz’s employees are some of the best and brightest so that they can keep order and stock of every store and when there’s trouble they form an appropriate task force to deal with it. There has also been an influx of workforce due to the recent treaty held between The Yotto Brothers and the Goblin Tribes allowing equal opportunity for goblinoids to find work and even become renown members of The Yotto Districts. The Elder Siblings in the Tech District are all goblinoid and don't take shit from anybody. There are three of them and everybody who considers themselves a resident of the Tech District take the time to remember their names. There's Goblino who works as Gritz' right hand man managing Automaton focused business and research, Scumulous the sales rep for any and all Core based tech, and Frank the development side of R&D.


The Tech District has a distinct design compared to the others due to its goblinoid influence. Ever since the Yotto-Goblin treaty goblin denizens have been making homes in the Tech District giving the architecture a warped and curved design. There are holes throughout the Tech District that act as staircases leading down into the Goblin tribes on the Monstrous Layer. A variety of trinket and workshops can be spotted while in the Tech District protected by hired goblinoid bodyguards and custom Automatons. There is a constant skirmish being held at the border between the Tech District and the OIT where The Omnipresence has been attempting to disrupt The Yotto Brothers, but thankfully the Tech District has been receiving support from other Districts to hold the line of attrition.
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