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Separation Border

A colossal wall that acts as a border between The Lawsworn Territory and the other two factions of RUIN. It was built out of necessity at the time due to the sudden influx of refugees that had to relocate during the war. The sudden influx in population overwhelmed the small area and so citizens were denied refuge and a wall was constructed so that no one could sneak inside with without facing judgment.

Purpose / Function

This mile high wall was constructed quickly after the separation caused by the samurai uprising. It acts as an impenetrable border keeping undesirables out and citizens in.


The Separation Border is a mile high wall constructed out of magically fortified steel plating making it impenetrable by normal means. The plates create a checkered pattern that almost perfectly covers the entire face from the top of The Lawsworn Territory to the bottom.
Alternative Names
The Wall
Wall section
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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