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RUIN is a lone city floating aimlessly in an endless sky, with no sight of the ground or any other landmass for hundreds of years the people of RUIN feel no motivation to attempt joint efforts in escaping. Instead the focus is maintained on power and personal intrests that exist on the floating isle. Three main factions haven taken their peices of RUIN as their own. 
The first group to rise into power was Captain Lawsworn. Under his control is a majority of the remaining firearms as well as a ban on the use of magic. Not many have seen Lawsworn, but in secret people believe he has lived for hundreds of years now.
“Law is a way of life and to break said law is to deny your life” - Captain Lawsworn.

The second power in control is The Omnipresence. A powerful cult that lives interweaved with society. The land they have most influence is farmland that had previously been controlled by monster tribes, but was wiped out by a group of street samurai who disbanded shortly after. Monsters still threaten the lives of the new inhabitants giving the Omnipresence quick popularity with their active help to construct and protect settlements. Most law is taken into the hands of locals or Omnipresence priests that have taken a settlement into their protection.
The Final Faction that holds its place are The Yotto Brothers two ex-samurai that had begun an uprising and took control of their own share, relatively new and hot blooded they mainly keep control through the idea of a place free from strict rule and the ideals of wealth controlling power. The Yotto Brothers maintain their power in a pyramid structure where their administrators control large portions of their territory allowing them to push their own beliefs onto those who live within their district. So long as their methods prove profitable they maintain control of their designated space. Only one rule is maintained between administrators; no open war.


RUIN is a colossal mechanical city that is perpetually suspended in the air by giant magic engines that propel it upwards. The entire structure is approximately three miles deep and five hundred miles in diameter. The surface of RUIN is sorted by elevated structures that cresent edge and follow a decline of one mile from the highest point to the lowest point on the surface. Tall metal towers built higher than the crescent are placed randomly throughout the surface like skyscrapers, one of these towers at least 5 times larger than the rest exists alone at the nadir of the surface. The cylindrical building tilts away from the zenith casting shadow onto the surface like a sundial. RUIN also has its own electromagnetic pull that allows a compass to function while abroad even if the structure itself rotates while mid air. The depths of RUIN become more sporadic and complex the deeper you travel.


Almost the entirety of RUIN is made of metal, life struggles to survive with little to plant life that can be sustained in these conditions. Most natural fauna and flora have adapted to carnivorous behavior in order to survive in these conditions. Mushrooms grow from corpses of creatures making them an effective material for farming among commoners and are a staple food for the people of RUIN. Giant mesh nets attached to balloons are strung across the sky to catch moisture as a water source, these are commonly used by households with large families and businesses that need to have a fresh supply of water. For those who live in the high society of RUIN are fed from the Zenith Farms; on the tops of towers is grass and the farms that keep the people fed. Zenith Farms are some of the most wealthy people on RUIN. Keeping their earnings for protection in order to maintain their farms under the high stress of the altitude. The Zenith Farms are the only place you’ll be able to see lush green land and living farm life. They are truly the most beautiful places on Ruin, but not the only place where green grass grows. Deep underground beneath where monsters make their stay is the Green and Grey Layer; through some miracle real stone caves and forests have been found on this layer, natural sunlight is created by magical orbs of sun that move throughout the layer creating an artificial day and night cycle. Below that is a Labyrinthian maze filled with secrets that only powers beyond even the most renown of the surface know of.

Localized Phenomena

Rain and rainstorms are a rare occurrence on RUIN and warrant professionals warning populations due to the destructive nature of flooding and lightning storms. These natural hazards have single handedly destroyed unprepared communities with violent showers that break down homes and random lightning strikes that can effortlessly kill an unfortunate civilian or burn down a perishable home.

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