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People's District

The People’s District is the most populated and safe of all the districts with a multitude of markets and farms. Almost all dangerous crime is committed by outside forces, rouge soldiers, and fanatical Zealots. Petty crimes such as thievery are extremely relevant, having such a high population causes the poor and feeble to find a new home amongst the generous. It is not uncommon to see Estabon walking the streets of the People’s District. He makes his rounds to check and see how his favorite shops are doing and to see the smiles of those around him. He has five Elder Siblings that serve as his advisors when faced with decisions regarding the District. There is White Alchemist Doku the holy man that takes the faith of the people into consideration, Grand Knight Kyozo who serves as militia commander and serves to protect the citizens of the People's District, Beast Rider Kishu of the sub layer scouts managing expeditions into the depths of RUIN, Artisan Rogue Yoru which manages the trade and production of goods, and lastly Guardian Sage Jukyo the architect of building and planning.


Unlike most areas instead of building up for housing the People's District has built down into the Green and Grey Layer. This would seem impossible from an outsider's perspective, but just by luck directly under the People's District is a large open plains area that has been well fortified and secured from ongoing monster attacks. For the safety of the people exploration of the Green and Grey Layer has been restricted to teams that have gained permission from Estabon himself. The housing structures that reach down past two layers are connected to each other through tunnels and networks of magical piping that can send messages from one home to another. On the surface are small businesses that exist purely to maintain the needs of those who live beneath.
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