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Midnight District

There is nowhere on RUIN that is filled with as much joy as the Midnight District. It is the center of liquor, gambling, and party for the people of The Yotto Districts to enjoy at their leisure. The prices may be expensive, but the service is well worth it. This is the hub of where Jobbers and other workers that spend their lives wasting away just so they can forget their worries in the Midnight District. The District has two main rules that everybody follows; number one is look don't touch and number two is no weapons. Every business in the Midnight District has a strict policy on carrying weapons, the last thing a bar needs is a blood bath to break out because somebody couldn't handle their drink. The District has five Elder Siblings that handle things; Queen of Games Ina, King of Drink Vilca, Queen of Bodies Scylia, King of House Carle, and Queen of Blood Nil. They mostly manage taxation and security detail and each of them even have their own business that they manage themselves.


Because of its high elevation there are large portions dedicated to upper class dwellings where those who can afford it are allowed a safer area for living and a not half bad view with it. The District is built on restaurants, taverns, and gambling dens with higher quality places of business the higher you travel. Specialized hotel style inns are strewn throughout the Midnight District welcoming anybody in need of temporary shelter or a more permanent home. The streets are scattered with signs advertising businesses and services given throughout the Midnight District catching the eye of anybody wandering around looking for a good time. The Undercity of the Midnight District filled with scum and villainy; those who want to make a quick buck scamming somebody with nothing to lose.
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