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Medical District

Every life has value and so each life is worth saving, those are the principles that every staff member of the Medical District follows. Despite the cruel nature of living on RUIN there are those who find solace in helping the unfortunate. The entirety of the Medical District is ran like a hospital where even the different sections of it are broken up into Wards supervised by Zendra and her Elder Siblings; Surgery which is observed Zendra with her assistant Danie, Psychotherapy for Diao, Trama for Liza, and Pharmacy for Urgan. They are all run under professional supervision and have utmost respect for their patients. With the exclusion of the Pharmacy Ward which Zendra cares very little for because of the drug trade, but in order to keep the title as Administrator she expanded her business into the underground market.


At the edge of the Medical District there are special teams designated to transport the sick and injured to their necessary Ward the streets are cleared specifically for this purpose. Large sections of the District are dedicated medical Wards both for physical treatments and psychotherapy. There is a large section of the Medical District that has been quarantined due to a failed experiment using the drug now known as Blue Essence. This space is known as the Quarantine Ward and is under constant guard and supervision preventing anybody from entering. The Medical District is the cleanest District in the The Yotto Districts making it one of the most expensive to maintain. There are no homes in the Medical District with exception of some small lodges used by Doctors and Nurses that are required to monitor their patient.
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