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Entertainment District

The Entertainment District is mostly reserved for those who can afford the lights and fun that fill a world where the party never ends. The show most famous in the Entertainment District is the Glory Death Fights where RUIN's greatest champions battle each other for the chance of a massive payout. Those who work in the Entertainment District can expect a grueling life of work and to never see a day of rest. Enzel's Ring Leaders keep the workers in line and the trouble out, his Elder Siblings are renown for being some of the most dangerous amongst the Administrators. The District even has its own wall built to keep it exclusive from the public. They have hung the corpses of those who entered the Entertainment District without paying over the wall as examples. Striking fear into the lower class and inspiring hate of those who decided to spend their time there. Being a member of the Entertainment District is both the highest status symbol and an easy way to put a target on your head. Enzel's three Elder Siblings make up the basic needs to run his operation. A disagreeable halfling named Micheal runs the accounting to balance the goods and services requested by nobles , outside of that he remains in the shadows to keep to himself. His Ringleader Alfonzo who is not only a professional monster tamer, but also plans and prepares a majority of the shows. Lastly there is Gregory the Automaton which was tasked as the head of security, but almost exclusively serves as the most effective bouncer on RUIN.


The Entertainment district is the highest elevation District in The Yotto Districts and has built an impenetrable wall to keep out those who wish to enter without paying the fee. Skyscraping towers cover the horizon with lights illuminating the skyline, bridges connect these buildings allowing travel between them from multiple floors. At the center of the District is a massive arena where thousands of people go to watch the Glory Death Fights, just beneath the surface is where talented artisans are paid handsomely by nobles for their craft while living in small hovels as temporary homes for when they have to stay for long periods.
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