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Elite Laboratories

The Lawsworn are a very outspoken society of their status and power with the exception of one thing; their research and development. The only people that are allowed access into Elite Laboratories are Noble scientists, Lieutenants, and the Elite Guard that protect it. Nobody knows what happens within these mysterious structures, but there are always people moving as if they're only allowed small pieces of work between each facility. Very few have successfully stolen research from Elite Laboratories and more often than not they're tracked and found before spreading what they've discovered.

Purpose / Function

The Elite Laboratories serve to develop new and more powerful technology to benefit Captain Lawsworn's Legion. Sometimes these developments are shared with local business in order to improve production or test some outside enginuity, but a majority are weapon developments for the arsenal under Captain Lawsworn's possession.


These buildings are surprisingly subtle due to the fact that the entire bases are constructed underground with exception of the Elite Laboratory in The Cloud Society. Unless you know what you were looking for you could easily mistake them as a simple doctor's building. The only piece of iconography to represent it as an Elite Laboratory are the two stars that are carved above the entrance.
Alternative Names
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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