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Castle Yotto

This massive structure has been described as the most hellish place on RUIN. Some have died before managing to even speak to a single representative for an investment or loan for an expedition. The Castle Yotto is a bureaucratic nightmare that is only traversable if you have the proper paperwork and clout to talk your way to what you want. It mainly deals in financing individuals and businesses in exchange for a small portion of ownership. A specialized block in the Castle is dedicated to the managing, buying, and selling of stocks for districts and business owners. This is where a large portion of citizens make their workplace because as much as paperwork and accounting may be dreadfully dull it sure beats the hazardous work of being a Jobber. At the very back of the castle is where the namesake brothers Satsujin Yotto and Yokai Yotto have made their home. Only personally selected servants and guards are allowed entrance and anybody who has dared to make their way inside has swiftly met their end.


The Castle is a complex maze of offices and boardrooms built into each other to create a mass of grey metal so confusing that even the most veterian accountants get lost on occasion. The surface is nothing more than rooftops looking over rooftops leading upwards into the depths of the castle. Some say that the deeper you go into the castle the closer you get to death until you realise you're already dead and have been for a long time. The block bureaucratic structure showers such a strong depression down upon those who work there that regular drinking is required to make it to the end of the week.

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