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Arms District

Hor'toc doesn’t run his district because when he was promoted to administrator he just kept the arms district doing what it's always done. Sell weapons to people that shouldn't have them and keep the crime up so that things stay interesting. As long as there are people worth shooting Hor'toc has business. Shops are usually armed to the teeth with hired Jobbers to keep them safe. Most surface criminal organizations have established a base in the Arms District making it so that living in the Arms District is an uphill battle that gets you nowhere. You either live and work under the Younger Siblings that won’t care if you live or die, or you join the criminals in the cycle of steal, kill, and die. The three Elder Siblings that run Hor'toc's business are named Alex, Marz, and Shila. They're complete scum that use whatever method they need to score a deal. As a group they act more like a criminal organization than professional weapon's dealers.


The Arms District is the closest thing you could call a slum in The Yotto Districts with poorly kept infrastructure it is the most affordable housing in The Yotto Districts, but at the cost of safety. Structures are built low to the ground and ascend in elevation the further you travel north and so does the criminal activity. Large buildings are used to house criminal operations and plan potential raids, while the smaller more crowded structures are for the people living in the Arms District. In the Undercity of the Arms District are tunnels used by small transporters i.e. children or other small races to smuggle weapons and other contribrand to secret locations hidden throughout RUIN.
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