Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Karl was born on a rainy weekend in the house of his parents. His father, Johan, was a carpenter who was well-known in the village for his excellent chairs that weren't only comfortable but also incredibly beautiful with intricate carvings and pleasant shapes. Karl's mother, Ælea, was a travelling merchant who settled down after meeting Johan. She worked together with other followers of St. Cuthbert to sell books.

When Karl was only fourteen years old, a swarm of goblins attacked his village, Galdea, and burned it to the ground. Karl had been home alone during the attack and survived by hiding in the basement. After hours had passed he unlocked the trapdoor latch and pushed the burnt remains of his house aside. He tried looking around for his parents, but not a soul had been left alive except for him. From what he could tell, a few dozen people had gone missing, most were dead on the streets, and a few had burned to a crisp under their own charred roofs.

Life of Crime

After he had lost his home and family, Karl grabbed what he could and started walking down the road. He had never travelled far away from his village before, but common sense told him that the road had to lead to somewhere, likely another village or town. After two long days of walking, he reached a small camp where a group of merchants were getting ready to rest for the night. Karl warned them about the goblin menace and the destruction of his village. In return for the warning the leader of the merchants offered to take the young man to their destination, a nearby town called Lell.

Current Location
Lawful Neutral
Biological Sex
Dark green
1.77 m
77.4 kg
Known Languages
Common, Deep Speech

01. Stillpeaks

With the blessings of almighty St. Cuthbert we arrived in a pleasant town called Stillpeaks. The journey had left us famished and so we went to the Pickled Pig. There we came across a young lass with a messed up eye. Her name was Samantha, and she claimed to be the barmaid. We ordered our food and left her with our precious coins. The orc walked off at some point to look at bounties. The meal was pleasant but I was terribly disappointed with the lack of apple juice. St. Cuthbert forgive me for drinking cider!

At some point, the barmaid's eye came up and we discovered that the dead had walked the streets of Stillpeaks! We investigated further and our search for the answers led us to the graveyard. To our horror the graves were empty but merciful Cuthbert showed us the way by revealing cart tracks.

We will follow whoever this foul necromancer is to their vile lair and bring the filth to justice! Also, the locals need to stop burying the dead. By cremating the corpses the threat of necromancers severely reduced.


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