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Rozmos was once a land full of wonder and beauty, but that time as long since past and only the oldest Eleven elders can even remember a time without bloodshed from their childhoods. The once crystal blue sky is now tainted with Browns, Reds, and Yellow from all the deaths and destruction of the past 800 years.   The God of Chaos long at odds with his twin brother the God of Order began a campaign set to shake the very foundations of the universe. For hundreds of years, the forces of Chaos fought the forces of Law in thousands of major battles that killed tens of millions destroying Empires and leaving in their wake ruins swarming with all manner of creatures.   In the last battle of the war, the two Godly brothers fought each other for weeks as their waves of men smashed into one another until finally the Chaotic God was killed by his brother. Then the God of Law, in his victory abandoned his people, taking his brother body back with him to the Realm of Gods, leaving behind a wake of death and destruction.   The Forces of Order, in their pyrrhic victory, collapsed without their God to keep them together. The cost of the war was great. Rozmos was left in ruin. Angered at Gods abandonment of the faithful, many turned away from those far away creatures instead turning to more local creatures or abandoning worship altogether. For the last few hundred years Rozmos has seen nothing, but death and Chaos. Yet even in this world of Chaos, wounds have started to heal, and anyone, with the power to do something, could make a name for themselves in the ashes of the old world by building a new one.