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Adventure Two   Our group of church sponsored hunters meet with Peche Pritchard to discuss the debt of 300 Quid that Wulfric owes him after an ill-advised, drunken card game. Pritchard reveals that the Lord of Tamewort has contacted him to obtain the club-like tail of a rare, winged horse creature called an Equinian that lives in the nearby Kelderburn Forest. He agrees to cancel the debt if they retrieve the tail for him.   After some negotiation between Dain and Pritchard the group heads into the Kelderburn, relying on Tiberius’ excellent tracking skills to locate their quarry.   Eventually they locate some horse tracks and follow it to a stone cairn where a small, carved, white, wooden horse has been placed. Following the tracks from here they discover a strange centaur-like creature bathing in a pool, the centaur Sampson explains that his mother came from Otterdale and was outcast after giving birth to him. Following some discussion Dain decides that Sampson is not a wicked creature and they part peacefully, Primus giving the centaur his small bible.   Continuing their journey they encounter a group of bandits attacking a merchant wagon belonging to Ludovic Malrond and are able to rescue the beleaguered defenders thanks—in no small part—to the magic of Wulfric . As Ludovic and his men continue on their way, the group interrogate the surviving bandits, allowing one to leave in return for providing information about the nearby bandit encampment and their numbers.   Richard Thorne, the last survivor of the bandit party, is so impressed with a vision of hellfire and damnation described by Tiberius that he resolves to mend his ways and join the group. He tells them that he was imprisoned for sealing a loaf of bread and was rescued by the current bandit leader Phillip Batherst .   Camping several times as they continue exploring the Kelderburn our heroes come across some giant-sized, human tracks (which they avoid) and narrowly avoid an encounter with a hunting Worg.   Eventually they locate an Equinian named Gregalan Arfenwhist of the Dark Boughs who leads the local harras of his kind. Approaching the creature they are surprised to discover that it is pious, intelligent and apparently over 850 years old, after a short discussion they agree that they cannot try and take the creatures tail, planning to raise the money to pay off Wulfric's debt in some other manner.   They discover from Arfenwhist that the bandit encampment is half a dozen miles to the south and make camp, planning to head out in the morning and deal with them. They also hear talk of some creatures calling themselves the Water Lords who dwell in the lake at the centre of the forest and whose evil is only contained by the efforts of the Equinians.

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