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Richard Thorne

Reformed bandit now serving the church.   Description: HP: 11 (1 HD) AC: 12 Saving Throw: 18   Thorne originally lived near the Middercastle, but when his wife and child died he fell into poverty, eventually resorting to stealing food from traders to survive. He was caught and thrown into a prison cart to await sentencing, another prisoner named Phillip Batherst freed them, staging a jail-break. Phillip suggested they become bandits and prey on the people who had wronged them, with few other prospects Richard signed up.   Thorne was one of the bandits who launched an attack on a merchant caravan belonging to Ludovic Malrond, the attack was foiled by the PCs and Richard was captured. After he was terrified by a vision of hellfire and damnation—as portrayed by TIberius—he agreed to mend his ways and joined the party.

Aligned Organization
Church of Westhaven

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