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Rose of Westhaven

Monday, 13th of January 1550

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Game Status: This game is currently on hiatus due to scheduling conflicts, whilst it is on hiatus no further updates will be made to this site.

  It has been ten years since the Locke Adventuring Company disappeared into the caves up in the Borrington Hills, near the small coastal town of Porthcrawl, it is rumoured that all but one of their number met a grisly fate.   Ten years ago the southeast coast of the Havenlands was engulfed by a seething tide of plant creatures and foul growth, many people were evacuated from what became known as The Green Wastes thanks to the heroic efforts of Duke Richard of Yorke, his wife Lady Julianna and their small fleet of ships moored in Porthcrawl.   The southeast coast has become a forbidden area with all the towns around the Waste placed on watch to prevent the infection spreading further.   With the upsurge of public opinion—and the aid of Crumwell’s Parliamentarians—Duke Richard was able to march with a huge force on Great Lunden and re-take the throne for his family, exiling the previous Queen Elspeth to the Oldenwale.   The last ten year have seen a resurgence in pagan cults and deviant practices, perhaps spurred by the creation of the Green Wastes. In particular the cult of the god Faunus has been growing in strength, but it is as though the ancient slumbering Goman gods had awakened from a great sleep and stretched forth their hand to reclaim the hearts and minds of men.   In a bid to combat this, the Church of Westhaven has formed groups of witch-hunters, monster slayers and others with ties to Mother Church, to root out and cleanse these deviant pagan worshippers and their beliefs.

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