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Stuffed Juron


    (Serves about 20 people)   ~ One large juron (about 10 lbs.)   ~ 3 lbs. chopped grishan roots   ~ 1/4 cup sweet salt   ~ 1/2 cup krin (or any other similar seasoning)   ~ 2 lbs. peeled hiyu      



The Stuffing

  1. Chop up the grishan roots into cubes and cook it over a fire for about 20 minutes.   2. Peal the hiyu and throw it into a large mixing bowl.   3. Mix the grishan roots, sweet salt, and krin into the same bowl.   4. Set aside for when the pig is done cooking.    

The Meat

  1. Skin and gut the juron so that the inside is well cleaned and ready for stuffing.   2. Cook it over a fire for about three hours, setting to a new position over the fire every fifteen minutes.   3. Once it is done cooking, put the stuffing into the empty cavity.      

Finished Product

    While juron itself, especially roasted, is very plain in it's taste, the meat reacts well to seasonings and will soak in the sweet salt and krin, making it so that the meat is both savory and sweet. Due to the animal's natural fat content, unless cooked improperly, the meat will be very tender. The stuffing inside is meant to add some variety and substance to the meal itself. The combination of the grishan root's slightly minty flavor and the savory taste of the hiyu creates an interesting addition to the salty sweet meat.   The smell is very similar to the taste, although the mint stands out more as the smell of grishan root is stronger than it's taste. Many people can recognize this combination of smells instantly as stuffed juron.      

Cultural Significance

    While it can legally and acceptably be prepared at any time of the year, stuffed juron is traditionally used for the Harvest Festival or autumn birthdays. As the meal is very high in calories, fairly easy to prepare, and uses ingredient readily found in most areas, it became the staple dish of the Harvest Festival.

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20 Oct, 2018 10:38

Sounds like a really tasty feast!

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