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See my pledge here.   The worlds I wrote in are:
1) Divine Tyarrany - a world where gods are all powerful and live among mortals (22 articles).
2) Fiefs world - a city divided into a thousand of fiefs over which an all powerful lord or lady rules (4 articles).
3) Roman world - alternative history set in a 4th century Roman empire with magic (3 articles).
4) Victorian Evil Scientist - evil scientists set in an alternative 19th century France (3 articles).
5) Poisonous Mist - after an apocalypse, the surviving humans go to another world and try to settle there but are faced with wars with the previous inhabitants (2 articles).
6) Dark Lord seduction plans - a world that is torn by a conflict between Light and Dark political factions (1 article).  

Theme 1: Expanse


Theme 2: Leadership


Theme 3: Discovery


Theme 4: Monster



  During Summer Camp, I also wrote an article for Qurilion's imaginaerium and I was interviewed by Secondhand on the WA twitch channel about it.
Using real world expertise to worldbuild technologies
Generic article | Jul 24, 2022

My background as a scientist influences the way I approach worldbuilding, in particular technologies and magic systems. Here, I explain my usual process, present examples from my worlds, and highlight a few other ways my expertise influences my writing.

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