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Pelides, Achilles colonists

Although Achilles is the second extrasolar planet considered habitable by imperial scientists, it still has some difficult conditions of life, which made it very expensive to establish a human colony there. In first place, a permanent semi-darkness caused by some bacterial colonies that form huge sheets in the atmosphere makes the need for artificial lights constant, besides the fact that the semi-darkness deeply stresses the human settlers, who can not adapt to it. Secondly, the permanent cold, caused both by the distance from the sun and by this semi-darkness makes the use of suitable heavy clothes mandatory. Complicating the thing is the fact that the bacteria that cause darkness are also the primary source of oxygen in the atmosphere, which makes their extinction counterproductive. For this reason, a group of scientists has devised a genetic modification procedure for the settlers, which not only allows the new settlers to adapt to the environment, but also transmits these characteristics to their descendants, further reducing costs and increasing efficiency of the colony. The genetic changes consist in an increase in the ocular dimensions, as well as in the increase of the crystalline receptors in the eye, so that even the insufficient light of Achilles became sufficient, and in an increase of the body fur, so that it forms an insulating layer around the body . In addition to this there is also an increase in the adipose layer of the body, always in order to keep the individual warm. The result is individuals covered with a fur that maintains the natural color of the hair, so it can be blonde, brown, etc., with eyes that are about twice the size of normal human eyes and a more "rounded" silhouette than a normal human. These settlers, who have decided to call themselves Pelides based on the name of their planet, have thus found themselves to be the only permanent inhabitants of the planet, in which they find themselves perfectly at ease. This can not be said, however, regarding the rest of the Empire; in fact, when they are outside their habitat they often wear dark protective glasses, and often they are wearing very light clothes or even some men go around bare-chested, because the heat is unbearable for them. Memorable was the case of a governor of the colony who, on a visit to Rome in August, fainted while he was spoking to the Emperor because of a heat stroke, since he had not been allowed to remove or modify the heavy ceremonial clothes.

Transmission & Vectors

Through modification of an human egg and sperm in a lab.


The peculiar conditions on Achilles forced the Empire to undergo a double project of terraforming and genetic alteration on perspective colonists.

Affected Groups

All the permanent colonists on Achilles.


This treatment has ben invented and perfected in the last 70 years, by a team of scientists from the province of Hispania.

Cultural Reception

While the majority of the population is mostly indifferent towards the Pelides, there is a vocal minority that complain loudly about this experiment, saying that the Empire has no rights to modify human being. There is also a mostly silent minority that fetishizes the Pelides, so much that some pornstars have done some work disguised as them for a niche market.

Pelides, Achilles colonists
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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