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Patriciate: the new nobility

The title of patrician came back in vogue three centuries ago, with the restoration of the Empire. At the beginning the Empress Ailina Dociarta Caesaris Augusta rewarded with the title her supporters and their families, while in the following years the rules for the patriciate were drawn up. Now the patrician rank corresponds to 3% of the population, and is a source of great prestige but also of many duties. First of all, every patrician family has a member who acts as the head of the family, usually carried out by the oldest or most authoritative, and only the direct heirs of the head of the family are considered belonging to the aristocracy, ie parents, brothers and sisters, spouses and children . The title of head of the family can be transferred at any time, however the recipient has a series of obligations; the first and most important of which is the service to the Empire. In fact, in order to receive the title of head of the family, you must have worked for a period of at least 20 years in the administration or in the imperial armed forces. The aspiring patricians often then crowd official schools and bureaucratic schools in order to start their service from a privileged position, since otherwise their rank would not give them right to any advantage and they would start their careers at the lowest levels of the various organizations. On the other hand, the title has several advantages, first of all the possibility of sitting in the Senate, one of the three chambers of parliament, where each patrician family has its seat. In addition to inheritance law it is possible to access the patriciate thanks to exceptional services to the Empire, in any field; just as it is possible to fall from the position of patrician if you are found guilty of any crime, and if the guilty party is the head of the family the entire family lose the title, and none of its members can obtain it again for the next 5 generations, regardless of individual merits.


Before becoming the head of a patrician house one has to have served the Empire for at least 20 years. There can be exceptions, but the law states so.


It can be hereditary, or awarded for expectional merits.


Every head of a family, both hereditary or recentely nominated must be confirmed from the reigning Emperor o Empress, that can theoretically deny the title for any motivation, but it's usually a simple formality.


A member of the patrician rank must always be brave, honorable and dutiful. That's the theory at least.


Twenty years of service to the Empire. If there is the need every resource of the house (people, money, assets) can be drafted by the Emperor, but in the three centuries since it's been used sparingly.


A seat in the Senate, first choice on colonies and assets obtained thanks to a war, exemption from taxes.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A patrician that has been convicted for a crime has their status removed, and if that's the head of a family the entire family has their status removed. The ceremony is usually held at the imperial palace by the Emperor or Empress, but there can be exceptions based on circumstances.


The title of patrician has it's roots on the First Roman Empire founded by Augustus. Usually this title disappear when the Roman State becomes a republic, and comes back when it returns an empire. This specific iteration has been created in the XXX century.

Cultural Significance

It's the highest rank one can attain expcept the throne, but most people are ambivalent about it, since patricians have a lot of power, both officialy and unofficialy, so there's a part of the population that see all of them as corrupt. While that is not true what is true is that most of them are snobs.

Nobility, Hereditary
Still valid and highly respected.
"De nova nobilitate et iure suis munia" law. (Regarding the new nobility: its rights and duties.)
Alternative Naming
Usually also called "Magistri".
Source of Authority
The source of the patricians authority is the Empire's laws.
Length of Term
Related Organizations

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