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Elaine Priest

Elaine Priest is the controversial head of the Church of Silence. She claims to have received a vision from the Goddess that started her on the path to form a strict religion separate from the Church of Music.  

Early Years

Elaine was born in the city of Quring and decided to join the priesthood of the Church of Music at a young age. She was remarkably devout and tended towards a mystical bent in her devotions. Elaine was known to spend long hours in meditation and various trance states. Her detractors claim the use of hallucinogenic substances were involved in these trances in an attempt to discredit her.  

The Vision

During one particularly long trance, Elaine had a vision of the Goddess that revealed her displeasure with the Church of Music. The Goddess desired followers that were set apart from the majority of society and lived their lives in a way that expressed their devotion to her above the conveniences of modern life. Elaine Priest shared her vision with the members of the Church of Music, seeking a way to form a separate sisterhood within the larger congregation. The Church of Music rejected this vision and the austere life that Elaine Priest proposed in service to the Goddess. She was publicly cast out of the Church of Music.  

Church of Silence

Elaine Priest was not swayed by the unbelief of her peers. She set up a small sanctuary in Oja and opened her doors to all. Slowly, she gathered a following that shared her passion and were willing to take on the lifestyle that the Goddess desired. The Church of Silence continues to grow. Elaine has trained several members of the Church of Silence to serve as priests and leaders. A new branch of the Church of Silence is said to be opening in Elaine's home town of Quring under the guidance of her first pupil, Deborah Priest.

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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
12 Jul, 2020 00:21

Aww, poor Elaine. It's sad that some people attempt to discredit her by saying her trances are due to substance abuse.   I really like the idea of the Church of Silence in contrast to the Church of Music. :)

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea! Please check out my peculiar plants entry! :)
12 Jul, 2020 15:22

Thanks Serukis! I'm glad you enjoy the idea. :)