The Easterners Unite

Political event


Honshu formed, becoming a major threat to Albion.

The lands to the east of Albion came under the control of a powerful ruling family. This family was ruthless and militaristic. They bred a culture of obedience, order and war and went about conquering all those tribes around them. They soon grew into the The Empire of Honshu. Honshu's borders expanded, bringing them right up to the edge of Albion and there were resulting skirmishes and trade between the two nations.   Honshu's might is such that it could crush Albion if it so desired, but as Albion is so far from the Empire's capital it has escaped its full attention. None the less, Albion is often seen as a place for an ambitious general in the armies of the Emperor to make some territory and win favor, so the border is often contested, with frequent raids by the red-uniformed Easterners. So far, no general of the East has managed to conquer the town of Eastward and Albion's borders have remained safe.

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