Alban visits Eastward


King Alban tries to bring the town of Eastward under his command.

Eastward  Alban hopes that by bringing the tribe of Eastward into line, Waymeet will also agree and he will have made a start - even if Thistledelve remains separate. The chieftain of Eastward is happy to swear fealty to him but only if the chieftain of Thistledelve does so first. Alban tries to convince him - but fails.   Meanwhile, Eldred, Caerdic and Lynna visit a captured Easterner called Kinosuke who is training the local warriors in combat. Eldred convinces Tamar to let him train under the man and he learns much. Kinosuke becomes part of Alban's retinue - training Eldred.   The Easterner warns Eldred that the warriors of the east are uniting under a single lord and when they do they will have an unstoppable force which will invade.   Caerdic and Lynna consummate their relationship whilst Eldred trains with Kinosuke.

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