Rodinia The Republic of Rodinia
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The Republic of Rodinia



The Republic of Rodinia is formed.

The Rodinian Republic was established in 247 AR, according to later writers such as Livy, when the King was driven out, and a system of consuls was established in its place. The consuls, initially patrician but later opened to plebeians, were elected officials who exercised executive authority, but had to contend with the Rodinian Senate, which grew in size and power with the establishment of the Republic.   The Republic of Rodinia was a generally peaceful place which put the development of technology, science, medicine and culture at its forefront. This took the Republic far ahead of its neighbours in terms of advancement. The Republic lasted some 200 peaceful years until slowly internal strife became its greatest threat.   In 450 AR three men, General Octavian, Senator Pompey, and Crassus took virtual control of the Republic through Octavian's military prowess, Pompey's senatorial support, and Crassus' immense fortune, forming the First Triumvirate. Each of the Three was elected consul before they began to struggle with each other for power. Octavian emerged victorious from the resulting Civil War, and was made dictator for life after refusing the title of king. He took on too much power too soon for some of the senators, however, and was murdered in a plot organised by Cassius in 455 AR. In the last republican power struggle, Octavian's designated heir, Tiberius, defeated Cassius at the Battle of Actium in 456 AR. He now assumed almost absolute power as military Imperator, the common people's sole tribune, and supreme authority over the Rodinian territories. These constitutional settlements transformed Rodinia from a Republic to an Empire.

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