Alban's Tour Continues


Alban tries, and fails, to bring Thistledelve under his control.

Thistledelve.   Alban's tour continues. The chieftain of the north is powerful and independent and does not see what benefit an alliance with Littlebrook would gain him, let alone swearing fealty to King Alban. He says he is too busy dealing with the constant threat of the savages of the mountains and rumours of a dark menace stirring in the hills.   Eldred, Lynna and Caerdic decide (at Lynna's suggestion) to steal horses and ride into the hills. There they encounter some of the barbaric hill folk. Lynna is captured by a female hill folk and Caerdic and Eldred have to rescue her. Eldred bravely faces off against a hulking barbarian whilst Caerdic enacts the rescue - using some magical cantrips that have worked their way into his mind. Eldred is overpowered but is saved by Tamar who appears in the nick of time.

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