Waymeet Capitulates


The settlement of Waymeet falls to Eldred's armies and the chieftain dies in mysterious circumstances.

Waymeet.    Eldred tries to gets the Druids on his side, as his father had done before, but fails. They know of his alliance with the Church of the Sun who they see as a threat. They prefer to stay neutral. They will not hinder his efforts but will not support him.    The older chieftain who had agreed to support Alban is dead and his son opposes Eldred. He tries negotiation but ends up with force.  Eventually the new chieftain surrenders to Eldred and is taken into custody.  Waymeet is conquered.   The new, young chieftain dies in mysterious circumstances, seemingly attacked by a wild animal whilst in captivity.  The same night the local Druid's pet bear dies unnaturally. Eldred suspects Caerdic but he claims innocence. Eldred begin to doubt his friend's help. Druid Murdoch suspects Caerdic and tells Eldred that all the time he has Caerdic as an adviser he will not gain the support of the Old Faith.    Caerdic confides in Lynna, admitting he killed the bear and animated its dead body to kill the young chieftain for the benefit of Eldred's vision. She agrees with him that it was a necessary evil.

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