The Humans

Population Migration / Travel


Humans arrived on the shores of The Known World.

Around three millennia ago everything changed. The first humans arrived on the shores of The Known World. They landed on the western coastline of the eastern-most continent. Their leader was a great warrior called Khemit, and he named the land after himself, a name that has stuck for millennia. The humans were the unlikely union of Fey and Orc, sired in some far off realm, in some unimaginable way. The newcomers had all the warlike tendencies of their orc ancestry and some of the wisdom of their fey heritage. And they were prolific. They bred in huge numbers and very soon overwhelmed the lands. The deserts of Khemit were not the most hospitable place, but the humans settled them anyway, carving out an existence there. They drove the fey eastward across the sea, and the dwarves deeper underground.

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