Tor Bladesong

King Tor of Clan Bladesong (a.k.a. Ruler of the Jagged Peaks.)


As Clan Bladesong and the Skullcrusher tribe had allied it was only time before Clan Fireaxe allied to the Goblinsplitters. This meant more travelling, more fighting, and more killing. This all lead to him picking up his first sword at a tender young age. It started off with training by the experienced warriors of the clan, then leading to fighting with the youngsters of Clan Fireaxe. At the age of 16 he decided to leave the clan to find new techniques of fighting. His long-term goal was to learn enough to go back and aid the clan in the fight against the Fireaxe and the Goblinsplitters. But in the meantime adventuring and exploring was a new passion and one he wished to explore to the full.  


Tor's life during the Chaos Wars certainly meant adventuring to the full. He was a prominent member of the Fellowship of Pelor which was instrumental in banishing the Demon Prince for a thousand years.   During the war he had the misfortune to face the hordes of the mountains who had all joined forces under the banner of the Demon Prince, under the leadership of Tor's father, Trant. Tor faced Trant in the abbey at Mount Macarak and killed him in personal combat. The death of Trant went a long way to weakening the resolve of the clans of the north and the orc alliance partially crumbled.   Now Tor is back in the mountains, a knight of the kingdom, and a ferocious and powerful warrior. He is slowly bringing the tribes and clans of the eastern mountains under his control mostly through sheer strength of arms. This will be a good thing for the northern reaches of the kingdom for this half orc is an honourable man.   In AR 670 when the Kingdom of Albion was threatened by the hordes of the Demon Prince once again, Tor agreed to help Albion is they agreed to give him rule over the Jagged Peaks and allow him to call himself king. This he now does.
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