Sir Zandrill

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Five foot nine inches tall with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears hardened Leather armour and carries a shield. He wears the robes of Obad-Hai and carries a club with the reversed holy symbol of Obad-Hai, this is because he wants his enemy to know they have been smitten by Obad-Hai. He also has a scimitar and sling. His best friend is his wolf companion, Brabus. He found him as a cub in the forest, when he had been abandoned. So he raised him to a good age and went to set him free. As he was leaving Brabus followed Zandrill and since then has never left his side.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

An extract from Zandrill's diary about his background reads:   "I was born in a small Hamlet called TreeTop on the southwestern edge of the Eldaran Forest. My father was a forester; my mother was a homemaker. It was the duty of our Hamlet to keep the forest healthy, in return we made a reasonable income. The responsibilities also included keeping the animals of the forest in good health. Most people overlooked us and that suited us, as we didn't want our way of life ruined. As a youngster it was a great place to grow up. We had the freedom of the area knowing that we would be safe from harm.   At the age of twelve it was my turn to start learning the way of the forest. My father taught me all he had been taught from his father and his before him. By the time I was 15 it was apparent to all in the village that I had an affinity with nature. The village decided to give me my own piece of forest to work with. This led me to finding a Wolf pup that had been abandoned. I took it home and suckled it until it was big enough to be released. But when the time came it didn't want to go. So he stayed as my companion. I called him Brabus.   News came to us that the Orcs in the North were rising and that the Easterners were planning to invade. We set about packing up the village to go to Eastward but the news was too late. I was in the forest when Brabus pricked up his ears and started to growl. There was allot of noise coming from the village, the sound of combat. We made our best speed back to see Orcs in our home killing innocent members of my village. There was nothing we could do, if we had tried we too would have been killed. So with great sorrow in my heart Brabus and myself went back to our forest to take shelter, hoping that my parents had got away. Some days later a man calling himself Marik appeared out of nowhere. He told me that all in the village had been lost, and that he had been sent out by the Duke to find any survivors in the forest. As we walked back to Eastward through the forest I was amazed to see that the plants seemed to move out of his way and that the animals were communicating with him. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.   I spent all my time with Marik unless he had business elsewhere that I was not permitted to go. He taught me everything from plant care to husbandry and the all-important reading and writing. He also taught me the old religion of Obad-Hai. It is the religion of the true faith of nature and animals. I set about learning as much as possible. Marik would take me back to the forest of Eldaran to teach me all I needed to know how nature and the belief in Obad-Hai would come together in me to give a power in nature. As long as it was used to care for nature and not destroy it.   At seventeen years of age Marik told me I was of age to my military service. He had arranged for me to join the Seventh Ranger Battalion. During my training and service Marik watched over me to see how my skills were progressing. I didn't know this until I had finished. The Seventh Ranger Battalion was a good unit. We would be the first to go and scout any area for traps and hidden troops. It was also good as Brabus was welcomed as a member of the unit and also got the relevant training. During our time on patrol we would hear stories of animals going mad in the Bandit Forest and attacking the locals and the stories of travelers going missing in the forest of Eldaran. These stories concerned me but we were not assigned to go. The army said it would investigate the matter though."
Current Location
618 AR 657 AR 39 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by cultists of The Demon Prince
Aligned Organization