Sir Heremod

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Height: 6'2". Weight: 13 stone. Hair colour: Light brown. Eye colour: Light blue. Hair style: Pulled back in a high pony tail - called a top knot - with the forehead hair shaved right back. Clothing is Honshu in style and fabric. Armour is studded leather and is painted green. He carries two slightly curved swords, a long and a short one.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

An entry in Heremod's journal reads:   My parents were traders of goods and weapons between Albion and the Easteners. Whilst I was still young, 2 years old, our caravan was attacked by bandits and my parents where killed. I recall having an older sibling but know not what happened to him. I am certain my parents where killed because the people who saved me knew them and buried their bodies. As a result I was brought up in the lands/empire of Honshu, a beautiful country of rice fields, mountains and steaming jungles by foster parents. I was brought up in the village of Sapporo in the Cakon province. I was taken in/adopted by a Samaurai of Lord Tarranaga     As I grew up I trained at Sensei Kanazawa's niten dojo (sword school) in the long bladed sword (katana) and the shorter bladed sword (wakizashi). The school produces The fearsome Dragon samurai famed for fighting with two swords at the same time. My ultimate goal is to best ever at this skill.     I have eastern mannerism's and speak Imperial Honshu as Cakon dialect well. I was sent back to Albion at 17 to do military service, in Eastward, and have done my year. The year was hard because of my lack of fluency in the common and my mannerism's. I was an anamoly. But my skill with my blades earned me some respect. I have just turned 18, having done my year and having met the rest of party during my militiary service.
Current Location
635 AR 677 AR 42 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Baku in Coruba
Aligned Organization