Lady Fortuna

The Countess of Black Swamp (a.k.a. Paladin of the Light, Knight of the Sun, Warden of Black Swamp.)

Born and raised in the town of Thistledelve, Fortuna had an interesting and excitng childhood. Her mother was a minstrel who sang and performed at the rowdy Dying Solider Inn in the town and her father was a paladin of Pelor and a Knight of the Sun. Her father was sent on a delicate mission by the Order to investigate corruption within it's offices. He disappeared a shortwhile after starting his investigation and has not been heard of since. Her mother still lives in Thistledelve and still occasionally sings at the Dying Soldier although her act has mellowed a bit with age.


  Fortuna was trained as a paladin at the Abbey of Waymeet and eventually became a Knight of the Sun. She went on to become one of the most important figures of the Chaos Wars, leading a band of adventurers called the Fellowship of Pelor. The Fellowship were almost single-handedly responsible for defeating the Demon Prince's plans to return to Albion and banished him for a further thousand years.   Lady Fortuna was made a Countess by the new king and given the lands where the old Castle de Belame once stood. She rebuilt the castle with the money she had acquired from the lair of Ashardalon and the tomb of Callindrill and renamed it Castle Fortuna.   In 2003 she married Sir Caelon of Ashtar, who became Lord Caelon, Viscount of the Black Marsh. In 2004 they had their first child, a son called Martin.
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