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RK Universe

July 1878

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Set in Meiji Era Japan, 1879. This is the world of my ideas of RK mostly from the movies for my fanfiction, and I'm using this to keep track of things. I am changing some details to fit my interpretation more, so peoples' ages / birthdates are shifting somewhat. And I'm borrowing from history some.... only some, as I'm sticking to the actors' heights from the movies for simplicity's sake. And I am playing free and lose with my own head-canon - I grew up with this series.   This is only for my own enjoyment / reference as everything gets too complicated in my head to remember. Right now, I'm currently obsessing over the relationship of Aoshi and Misao and how they manage to deal with Okina dying in the movie. Also, if Kenshin's going to basically make a marriage proposal at the end of the 3rd movie, he's going to be getting married at some point reasonably soon after that....   And the world was a complicated place, geopolitically, so that makes this even more interesting in my head. However, that does rather complicate the the way that the original series was portrayed.

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