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The Un-Ideal

The pursuit of beauty, in and of itself, is not something inherently evil. Even chasing perfection is not, in and of itself, a vain exercise because one stands to learn many lessons from failing in that endeavour. But when one chases beauty to the exclusion of all else, including common decency and the dignity of persons, one gives in to evil.   The elledŷnnë are by blinded by their faith, kept ignorant by the promise of "paradise" for the most beautiful, for the most prestigious, for the most powerful, and the most affluent. They pursue an ideal and believe themselves above everyone else for it. So much so that they refuse to believe that us "lesser" people are deserving of any rights as persons.   I was made Kiluathan'ni. I wasn't born "ugly," and, in fact, I was told that I naturally grew into the Ideal. But see, the thing is, when you focus so much on physical beauty, you fail to see the ugliness that the nature of persons as flawed beings can hide. Jealousy and envy are ugly emotions, and they rear their head when you least expect — when you have the most to lose. So on the day before my "test," before the priests of the Three-Faced God came to examine me to decide whether I would join society or spend my days in the mud, people I had thought my friends maimed me and consigned me to damnation.
— D'Loren Vysellë
  Il Kiluathân'ni, or "The Un-Ideal" in Elledyn'ni, are the elledŷnnë who fail to live up to Il Luathar, the Ideal of beauty to which all elledŷnnë who live under the thumb of the Silvered Realm must live up to. Even though they are elledŷnnë by blood, Kiluathân'ni are stripped of all rights as persons under the law and are considered little more than half-useful dirt.   They are treated in just the same way as the other races by the full-blooded members of elledyn'ni society. They are regularly abused for menial tasks, and serve as slightly less visually-unpleasant servants to most households. Although in some sense they are considered a protected class (it is illegal to force a Kiluathan'ni to engage in sexual acts with non-elledŷnnë), in some cases they are treated even worse than members of other races as they are considered unworthy of even having elledyn'ni blood flowing through their veins. Not that their blood as elledŷnnë prevent Kiluathân'ni from being enslaved just as easily as members of the other "inferior" races.

Naming Traditions

Other names

One of the rights stripped from Kiluathân'ni when they are designated as such is the right to bear a name. Those born Kiluathan'ni are denied any names. Those who become Kiluathan'ni have their names stricken from the official records and are told that it is forbidden for them to think about their old name, to speak their old name, or even to respond to their old name — a lesson that is often taught after a few harsh beatings.   In fact, they are also brutally disabused of the notion that they can think of themselves as persons, and are trained not to respond if they are addressed in a manner befitting a person. Responding to being called 'he,' 'she,' or 'they,' is considered punishable and is often punished with relish by masters. In this way, they are taught to only ever respond to 'it,' and are conditioned to think of themselves as objects and possessions.   In some cases, an owned Kiluathan'ni is given a designation by its owner. This is usually an infantile name or and otherwise derogatory one. Typically, this only happens when an owner desires to have a specific servant address their wishes, and often many households don't bother naming their Kiluathân'ni, instead giving each one a task and expecting the right one to finish the tasks that they were assigned.


Common Etiquette rules

It is considered improper for the Kiluathân'ni to elevate their eyes when in the presence of elledŷnnë, as to do so would be to presume that they are equal when they are not. In addition, Kiluathân'ni are not to speak unless asked a direct question, and when they are, they must respond in the most express manner that they can. Kiluathân'ni must be present but invisible, as easily ignored as a piece of furniture but available should their services be required. They are expected to be meek and servile, keeping their gazes to the ground as much as possible.

Common Dress code

The only set articles of clothing that Kiluathân'ni can expect in their lives are the thick collars clasped around their necks, and the cuffs around their wrists and ankles. At all other times, they are considered too worthless to waste even scraps of clothing on, with the exception of the ones used for pleasure, in which case they are given clothing of sheer silks meant to accentuate the best parts of their body, as well as veils and paints to cover any unsightly parts of their physique.   On occasion, a master might wish to dress up their Kiluathân'ni to show off their prestige and wealth, but this is often considered counter-productive to the desired display as the elledŷnnë have beautiful young men, and, to a lesser extent, young women, who are available for hire to show off their employers' wealth in the form of luxurious clothing and glittering accessories. The truly wealthy would have the coin to pay for the exorbitant cost of these "performers," while those who wish to simply appear wealthy, or are not wealthy enough to afford even one "performer," must rely on using the Kiluathân'ni.
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6 Jul, 2018 06:43

Interesting read. A society actually divided by beauty standards - and not beauty standards developing from other division - is an interesting concept. Good article!

Welcome to Ekozia!
6 Jul, 2018 07:30

Kind of remind me of the Horatio from Endless Space, though I don't think they were quite so... extreme. And they all looked the same, so weren't really divided. Just decided the galaxy needed their prettiness.

6 Jul, 2018 06:52

The quote at the top starts out calm, but at the end it sounds distinctly bitter and angry. I almost wonder if there might be a future villain speaking?
And what a (for lack of a better word) screwy society, to toss a person to the dirt and allow them to be enslaved and ridiculed just because "ooh you're not pretty enough".
Does this group ever play a role in the story? Or is this used to show "yeah these guys are jerks"?

Sage malkuthe
Malkuthe Highwind
6 Jul, 2018 07:03

Loren is actually an NPC from the first D&D campaign that I played in this world. I wouldn't classify him as a villain, but he definitely does spend the rest of his life doing what he can to undermine the Silvered Realm. There was a man he loved, Adlan, who ended up being made Kiluathan'ni as a result of his own disfigurement, but they both managed to escape that life and were able, thanks to powerful Blood Magic, to start new lives as tretâllë in the Dominion, where their knowledge of the Silvered Realm proved instrumental in the war effort against the elledŷnnë. It was only Adlan's presence in his life that tempered Loren's hatred, and that's why I wouldn't call him a villain.   The group does certainly play a role eventually, and are instrumental in the fall of the Silvered Realm, but that's an event a couple of thousand years in the future with respect to this article.

6 Jul, 2018 07:08

Neat! So would he be more of an anti-hero, then? Or just a hero with a backstory filled with people being generally crappy towards him?
That's also cool, that eventually the ones they shoved down end up being their downfall. Always a fun story element/trope, the "you treated us like garbage, but now look at us defeating you" and its variants.

6 Jul, 2018 07:29

Well, it's nice that they eventually got rekt - this looks like the backstory of a past campaign?

Sage malkuthe
Malkuthe Highwind
6 Jul, 2018 16:23

I don't even know if I would classify him as a hero, is the major thing. He's just a guy, trying to make the best out of his new life, and trying to give back to the people who gave him this second chance, which just coincidentally allows him to vent his hatred.

Sage malkuthe
Malkuthe Highwind
6 Jul, 2018 16:26

@BaseDeltaZero — It's not the backstory of a past campaign, necessarily. Rather, it's things that happened in-game during that past campaign that were concurrent to the story of the players. That group of players was actually the one that helped Adlan and Loren start their new lives, so some of this definitely showed up in a handful of those sessions.

6 Jul, 2018 07:26

[QUOTE]Although in some sense they are considered a protected class (it is illegal to force a Kiluathan'ni to engage in sexual acts with non-elledŷnnë)[/QUOTE] Does this imply it this is normally *not* illegal?

Sage malkuthe
Malkuthe Highwind
6 Jul, 2018 16:28

The elledŷnnë are hedons, so it is not considered illegal or even immoral to force slave races to copulate for entertainment. It's illegal to do so for Kiluathân'ni, because whether they live up to the ideal or not, they still have elledyn'ni blood, and to make them copulate with inferior races would be to insult the only thing of any worth that Kiluathân'ni have, however inconsequential that worth is to their treatment.

6 Jul, 2018 07:36

Hmm so basically they get shunned for not being pretty enough. That's rough!