Four Kings’ Kinship

The Four Kings' Kinship is a well-known letter jointly written by the Carmine Kings of the Emberholt and delivered by courier to Prince Ela'Athea Lakeahua of the Principality of Shatterspear shortly after their coronation. It is notable for being the first official correspondence between Shatterspear and a nation besides the Dominion.


Following the destruction of Shatterspear as part of an effort to slow the advance of the Unkent upon the material realm, survivors and refugees from the catastrophe scattered across the Shardscape realms. Being the closest allied realm to Shatterspear, the Emberholt received the majority of the refugees who were saved from the disaster by the Dominion's evacuation efforts.   Though the Dominion originally intended for the Emberholt to be a temporary staging area for the refugees before slowly bringing them across to the Material Realm over the following years, the Carmine Kings, in cooperation with the nearby Barony of Helfscir and resources from the Dominion, oversaw the construction of a refugee settlement to house the refugees on a semi-permanent basis.   The letter from the Carmine Kings to the Prince of Shatterspear served as a reaffirmation of the bond between the nations and the implicit promise the Emberholt made to support the people of Shatterspear until their home could be returned to a living order. Within, each of the four Carmine Kings imparted wisdom relevant to politics, leadership, and statecraft and expressed their hopes for a rapid recovery and a bright future for Shatterspear.
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