Talyen von Cravat

Captain Talyen von Cravat

Talyen von Cravat is a Captain in the Grand Rislandian Army, specializing in leading commando teams and airship command. She took over for Baron Theodore von Monocle when he disappeared at the 3rd Battle of the Border River. Dejected by the loss of her leader and lover, she grounded the airship until he was legally declared dead three years later, and assisted in training von Monocle's daughter Zaira in the aspects of airship command.   After Theodore was rescued, married Baron Theodore von Monocle and has a child with him named Lilly. King Malaky issued an informal proclamation promoting her to Commodore of the Grand Rislandian Air Force, yet due to unforeseen circumstances in the war effort during the Seige of Rislandia, no air force has been created as of yet, leaving Talyen with her stated rank of Captain as far as most in the Grand Rislandian Army are aware.   She currently resides with her newborn at Cliffside Castle, far in the north, as to keep her and her child protected from the Wyranth invasion in the south.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Extremely fit, well toned and combat ready.

Body Features

Tan skin, dark hair falls just below the ears, blue eyes.

Apparel & Accessories

Typically wears a military uniform, laced boots up to her knees, with black pants and a black jacket that had purple stripes across the front. She had a leather holster, which held a sword on one side and a pistol on the other. A metal pin with angel wings and the Crown of Malaky atop it adorned her right breast pocket. A military cap, which also bore a gold pendant with the angel wings and Crown of Malaky.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Talyen von Cravat is the daughter of a lord who worked directly in King Malaky XV's palace as the king's personal chef. She learned the masterful art of cooking from the family line, working for the Knights of the Crystal Spire in their training facility next to the palace. She learned combat by watching the knights and practicing in their facilities during off hours with some friendly knights who allowed her to work with them.   With her efforts and family ties, Talyen saw the airship construction and wished to become a member of their crews. She became the first woman to become a part of an airship crew, brought on as an assistant chef in the Liliana's mess. She quickly ingratiated herself to Baron Theodore von Monocle with good advice when he needed it. She would frequently engage in friendly shooting competitions with the Liliana's commandos, and impressed further as she was one of the most expert marksmen of the ship. During a mission where the crew took heavy losses, von Monocle gave Talyen a field promotion to commando, where she worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming the Commando Chief, and then an officer on the bridge.   Over the years, she became closer with von Monocle, especially after his wife Liliana died. She was the one person he could trust and talk to, and they formed a bond, eventually becoming lovers when he overcame his grief. She was promoted to first officer upon the death of the Liliana's last XO during an engagement with the Wyranth. Having worked her way up through the ranks, she has the utmost respect of the Liliana crew, who follow her orders without fail.


  • Personal training as a chef
  • Informal training in combat with the Knights of the Crystal Spire
  • Employment

  • Assistant Chef, Airship Liliana
  • Commando, Airship Liliana
  • First Officer, Airship Liliana
  • Captain, Airship Liliana
  • Strategist, Grand Rislandian Army
  • Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Worked her way through the ranks
  • led the Liliana back after the disappearance of von Monocle
  • led the rescue effort for von Monocle
  • Assisted in Rislandia's defense strategies during the Seige of Rislandia
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • Attempted to revive the airship crew under her command and failed to bring everyone together.
  • Intellectual Characteristics

    Talyen is a very cold person in general, especially after von Monocle's disappearance. She has little patience for incompetence and expects people to follow her orders without question. She has a shrewd mind for combat, and excellent hand-eye coordination.

    Morality & Philosophy

    Talyen is a king loyalist, having grown up around the royal family. She treats her crew like family, and expects the same in return. When it came time for child-rearing herself, she took a family-first approach, her baby's safety first and foremost.


    Family Ties

    Theodore von Monocle - Husband Zaira von Monocle - step-daughter Lily von Monocle - daughter


    Theodore von Monocle


    Towards Talyen von Cravat


    Talyen von Cravat

    2nd Wife

    Towards Theodore von Monocle


    Talyen von Cravat

    Mother (Vital)

    Towards Lilly von Monocle


    Lilly von Monocle

    Daughter (Vital)

    Towards Talyen von Cravat


    Talyen von Cravat

    Step Mother (Vital)

    Towards Zaira von Monocle


    Zaira von Monocle

    Step Daughter (Vital)

    Towards Talyen von Cravat


    Wealth & Financial state

    As a Rislandian noble, Talyen has a reasonable amount of holding. She prefers a modest lifestyle and does not flaunt her heritage, however.
    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Captain, General, Commodore
    Year of Birth
    16 M-XV 36 Years old
    Rislandia City
    Current Residence
    Cliffside castle
    Biological Sex
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations


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