Plainsroad Village

Plainsroad Village
  A small farming village to the south of Rislandia City, named because it's on a plain and on the road. Travelers stop at the market here between the southern cities and the north, and the farmers sell their goods to the whole of Rislandia. It's a quaint, small town with the market, a school house, and several spread out farms, as well as an inn. The Wyranth ransacked the village in the 19th Year of King Malaky's reign.  
"There are days when I can't help but miss my hometown. My life was so much simpler in Plainsroad Village, but those days are behind me now.
—Zaira von Monocle


Plainsroad Village consists mostly of the working class of Rislandia, being a farming settlement farther from many of the larger towns. It does have one noble family, the von Monocles, who took up residence within the town.


An informal mayor is appointed every two years and makes decisions for the town. Most of the decision making involve minor matters, but if there is an urgent major incident that involves the entire town, the village will get together and discuss and vote.

Industry & Trade

Plainsroad Village is an agricultural center, producing tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables, as well as livestock.


The village has very little infrastructure, the King's Road which goes through the town, but it doesn't have electricity or modern amenities one would find in Rislandia City.


The town was founded as farmers set up along the road that was built in King Malaky VII's reign. As Rislandia expanded, buildings popped up around the major farms until there was a market and an inn, and the town became officially recognized.


Like the town name says, it's on a plain with a road that runs through it.
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