Brief History

Rinirith was born in a farming town a few miles from the capital of the Efrisatn Empire. Her parents owned a prosperous farm, and although they were not wealthy, were able to afford a decent education for their daughter in one of the capital's colleges. It was here that she developed an affinity for learning languages, and a love of map making. She developed a friendship with Princess Hassiana, the third child of the Emperor and Empress, after a chance meeting at a college social gathering, and the friendship continued even when Rinirith began to travel more frequently after college.   About four years after the last Rising she found herself in the city of Cliffport, which was fast becoming the biggest port city in the Empire. There had been a massive influx of refugees to the city and translators were needed to help people get settled or relocated. She ended up staying in the city, and when her friend Princess Hassiana started up the Imperial Society of Exploration and Cartography she gladly accepted the position of Branch Head when a Branch was opened in Cliffport. She has held the position for the last seven years, and is also one of the Princess's closest advisors.  


Rinirith is a purple skinned Tiefling, with short cropped black hair. Her dark horns sweep back from her forehead in an almost straight line with a slight twist just at the end, and her eyes are the deepest black. She has a wide mouth, with full lips, and a long straight nose, which she has pierced with two small silver hoops. She usually wears long pleated skirts and high necked blouses, with a vest over the top. The clothes are always finely made and of expensive material, though simply cut.  

Personality and Traits

In business she has a polite and professional manner, though is known to be shrewd and not one to be taken for a ride. She does have a fondness for fine wines and sweet pastries, which does give her more of a fuller figure. In a social setting she is a social butterfly and is usually seen at most events held in the city, and often dines out.
Current Residence
Black, short cropped
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
A deep reddish purple
5' 10

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