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The Beastfolk

Snarling, gnashing, slashing teeth, claws, and whip-like tails. The description in the history books suggests the Beastfolk are a monstrous, warlike collection of beasts and creatures with only barely enough sentience to hold a weapon. It's all they need to rob and pillage innocent folk like the Windborne people who suffer under the storms from above.   The history of the Beastfolk does not deny the presence of gnashing teeth or a willingness to use them and war is indeed one of the many languages they speak more than fluently. Sometimes fighting multiple campaigns on all sides, the Beastfolk are no stranger to conflict. Shunned from "polite" society or tired of living in dank caves, the Beastfolk provide a place for all weary misfits and a fist to beat down those who would stamp them out.  


  The Beastfolk were a collection of people from many different races and all walks of life. Those who did not fit in or belong with their own people found a place amongst the Beastfolk, easily becoming one of them. Just as the Dwarves of the Bathelorian Kingdom had escaped the Glass Storms above by running under the mountains, the Beastfolk too created their own society, free from those who might persecute them and the unnatural dangers above.   The original Beastfolk were merely settlers not unlike those who had gone on to found the Kingdom of Wind. Though they toiled just as the other settlers did, the cold way in which they treated them was easily noticed. Whether it was for their horns, tusked teeth, tails, hooves, or trunks, the early Beastfolk knew they were not welcome. Taking inspiration from the Dwarves, a half-orc by the name of Zolon gathered what settlers would come with him and journeyed for the mountains to the north, seeking out shelter and a place to build, a new home.   Shortly after leaving the burgeoning city of Glass, the Beastfolk discovered an ideal place to settle, a massive cave within one of the nearby mountains filled with tunnels, as well as an underground river. The land was safe and well protected. That was all Zolon could ask for. Given the title of Elder, an older Zolon and his allies established the city known as Eld'Zolon, much to his nervous dismay. Having a city named after him was not something Zolon had ever planned or even considered.   After Zolon's passing, the title of Elder was given to multiple other Beastfolk of high honor. They began to expand further under the mountain, eventually discovering the natural threats that lurked below, such as spiders, oozes, and gelatinous cubes. As the centuries passed, the Beastfolk grew much more protective of their cities. The Dwarves of Bathelor and the Windborne people to the south were not directly hostile, but trade with them was difficult as the lands became more settled and their position more entrenched. The roads between Eld'Zolon and the Stone Citadel became too dangerous to pass without military might thanks to the threat of the black dragon Daddreirth and its influence on the Dwarves and Beastfolk it enslaved. Though the Beastfolk naturally defended themselves as necessary, it wasn't until 225 LF that they began forming a military in earnest.   By 350 LF, the armies of the Beastfolk were significant and their ability to expand their territory grew greatly. Though the records are unclear, it was this expansion which was blamed for the poisoning of the Bolero River and the subsequent deaths it caused within the Kingdom of Wind. As the months passed, the Beastfolk War began in earnest, allowing the Beastfolk a chance to truly test themselves in combat. Though the war was ultimately lost, the Beastfolk considered it a victory that they brought one of the strongest Kingdoms to heel, even if the new trade agreements were stacked heavily against them.   Now, as of 729 LF, Eld'Zolon stands as a safe haven for the people of the land who need a new home. Though the Windborne would not appreciate losing their citizenry, the Beastfolk are a safe and strong society that welcome them with open arms.


Major language groups and dialects

All Beastfolk speak a specific dialect of Undercommon that utilizes slang from the region.

Common Etiquette rules

Though their name suggests otherwise, the Beastfolk are not monstrous creatures unable to do more than fight and fornicate. They came from Epiphany as settlers looking for a better life in a better land, different from the one they came from, but that does not mean they lacked manners or common decency. Many Beastfolk, even those who were not originally raised to live in society (such as the various goblins and kobolds that roam about Eld'Zolon), learn proper manners and how to respect those around you, though expect a fight if you push any given person too far.

Historical figures

Zolon, the founding Beastfolk leader, a half-orc   Elprass, an older drow male killed under the Elderfall Tree, which gave it its name


Beauty Ideals

As the Beastfolk are a collection of multiple monstrous races, sometimes even including elves, humans, and dwarves, there are no singular beauty ideals amongst them. However, an appreciation for the natural elements that one's race might give is paramount. No cloven hoof or barbed horns are enough for a Beastfolk to seem ugly. Tusks are in this season.

Gender Ideals

The strength of one's character and the force behind their fist matters most to the Beastfolk. Some of the greatest Elders in Beastfolk history come from any given gender, their actions speaking for them.
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