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Reinforced Farmsteads Within the Kingdom of Wind

I'm sleepin' in the best I can on a weekend with bad weather, ya'know? Not much to be done going out into the rain in these parts. The crops are safe, the animals penned up, if not spooked a bit, but I was good, they were good, we were all good. The family was off in town and I told them, I said, "Mary-Belle, you take the kids and have a good time in the capital. Let them spend some spending money and then you stay put if the clouds come rolling in. I'll be fine here. I could use the alone time."   Luckily for me the kids weren't here at the time. Me and Mary-Belle seen storms like this come and go, but this one was the worst yet. There's not much to do during a storm, so hunkerin' down was my only option. I snuggled under the sheets and tried to let the storm pass me by in my sleep. No chance though, specially when a shard of glass hits your bedroom window smack dab in the center. Reinforced glass of course, but goodness I wasn't expecting it to punch through a whole two feet!   So I may or may not have pushed tables and stuff against the windows and I may or may not have prayed to Mithiri that the reinforced walls stick together. Mary-Belle didn't like me praying to no luck goddess, but shoot, if it saves the farm or my life, I'll pray to whoever.   A few hours later, I seen a thing which I'd never seen before. The glass usually disappears after a bit, but I see that glistening out of the corner of my eye. Piles of glass laid before me. The outside of the house was a mess, but in the distance, I could see the crops were fine. The barn needed work, it looked like it was shot full of holes by those Dwarves, but the house managed to hold, even if the windows were busted in a few places. Something told me, sir, I bet this luck won't keep up, you better be ready for next time. What will you do with the kids here?   Boy, I tell you, I'm happy the walls worked, but I'd sure like it better if there weren't ever a next time...   | Petey Westfall, down at the Chubby Page Inn, gabbing away

Purpose / Function

Each of the various homes and farmsteads throughout the Kingdom of Glass require specialized building materials and process in order to properly reinforce them against the threat of the Glass Storms. Without this specialized treatment, any given building can be shredded almost immediately.   Within the walls themselves are steel plating, along with various clay, bricks, stone, and wood properly treated via arcane means to resist the damage caused by the falling glass. Nearly every structure in the region must be reinforced like this as all of them, by law, must be capable of sheltering travelers when Glass Storms begin. Without this reinforcement, the buildings themselves will likely fall apart and the threat of that is its own punishment.

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