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A Dragonglazier is an artisan that works with, and creates, Dragonglass.


Career Progression

True dragonglaziers, those that might one day hope to dedicate their life to the study of the glass, begin their careers in much the same way as others. They study and practice as best they can, and seek to prove themselves to a master. If all goes well, and the prospective glazier has promise, they may be granted an apprenticeship. This apprenticeship lasts for many years, and if the apprentice dedicates themselves to learning, and has the dedication and talent to succeed, they may one day become a dragonglazier in their own right. If they are successful, then a comfortable life they shall surely have.



Dragonglaziers work with dragonglass, and fulfill a similar rule within Scale to blacksmiths in other civilizations. A dragonglazier may be creating dragonglass shingle one day, and an ornate blade for a Dragonknight the next.

Social Status

Dragonglaziers are given tremendous respect within Scale, and arguably more on the Tyllian mainland. A craftsman that can produce something as beautiful and useful as dragonglass demands respect, and the greatest glaziers are treated like nobles.


True dragonglaziers - the masters and artisans knowledgeable in the Old Ways, are very rare, with no more than fifty within Scale. Amateur dragonglaziers are slightly more common, although their product is clearly inferior to a trained eye.



Dragonglaziers, unusually, utilise broadly identical tools to smiths. The glass is worked by forge and hammer, and behaves in a similar way to iron and steel, although few traditional smiths are able to make the transition. The key tool in dragonglazing is the dragonglass crucible, or smelter.
  These smelters are designed to heat the sand and raw materials that will become dragonglass, but have an opening designed to allow a dragonkin to breathe into the glass in the final stages of the production.


Dragonglazing is nothing without dragonglass itself, and glaziers require either dragonglass itself, or the raw sand required to produce it, as well as a dragonkin willing to lend their breath to it.

Alternative Names
Dragonglass Smith
Dragonglass and their glaziers are in high demand outwith Scale, but are more common within Scale.
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