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7/15/3152 PA

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Thousands of years before your player was born a galaxy was dying. A species known by many different names devised a solution to outlive the very heat death of the universe. They traveled through space and time and collected species from all over their galaxy and even a few neighboring ones. They collected these species and created a wonder and feat of engineering known as the rings. 13 rings that would form a Dyson sphere around another invention called the Last Star. These 13 rings would have 13 sections each, dedicated to housing various ecosystems and biomes.   Currently, the city-state of Covenant, a large authoritarian xenophilic meritocratic oligarchy, the city you are all from, is housed in section 8/04. You have one way or another been contracted, hired, or forced to take a contract for the Exploratory guild, whose main job is to recover data about other parts of the ringworlds and the resources they may contain. You've been given a choice of a mission and how to carry it out. Covenant only requires that you get the job done.

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