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Ring Station 9

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Ring station 9 is a mega structure currently orbiting the iliadric star roughly 1500 lightyears from earth. it's main inhabitants are humans abducted from their world during what earth bound terrestrials would call the renaissance. the world that these humans are introduced to is a thriving if stagnant space empire with multiple alien races.   each alien race is housed within it's own biosphere either by choice or by the incapability to travel "far" distances due to what we know as kessler syndrome. each race has it's own unified religious beliefs humans being the odd ones out, the gods however play a much more involved role than our own history would have you believe.   in addition to the religious beliefs there are the fundamentals: fate, destiny, desire. personified long before anyone of note came along these beings play dice and games in a much larger conflict than the mortals could ever hope to comprehend. however the arrivals of humans to this empire is shaking the foundations of more than just their beliefs.