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The Archon Guild

Some of the greatest wizards and mages in history fought in the great war. They saw the armies, and where rightly terrified. They saw the terror the enemy mages could reek and became determined to stop that from happening again. They want to prevent the use of world-changing magic. They try to govern the use of magic within civilized society and limit the knowledge magical people have access too.


Protector: The protector is the leader of the Archon Guild. They are meant to protect the world from the magic of people and creatures that have gone too far in their pursuit of power. The current Protector is Twister Greantil.   Enforcer: The Enforcers are meant to act on the rules and orders that are given by the Protector.

Public Agenda

The Archon Guild wants to spread their influence and place laws that prevent the extensive use of magic. They want to uphold how the world was originally made. They respect clerics because they understand that their powers are limited by what their god allows. They also believe (low-level) druids shape nature in a respectful way. The Archon are strongly against wizards, sorcerers, and especially warlocks. They believe wizards and sorcerers have no boundaries that prevent them from doing the same as Etion's armies during the great war, and that it is their job to create those boundaries. They believe warlocks gain their magic through dangerous and irresponsible deals, and that their magic has no use in the civilized world.


The Archon Guild has free roam in Gilana, due to the king having similar views to the organization. The dwarven societies of Rilo support the Guild but do not give it much power over their citizens.   Elven societies believe in freedom of art, and believe magic is a form of art they are strongly against the Archon.   Human societies are similar to elven, but tolerate the guild and understand some parts of their ideals.

Knowledge is power, power should be regulated.

Guild, Professional

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