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Sky Mages

Being a Sky Mage is the perfect job for someone with a love of adventure, some skill in the sky, and some skill in the magical field. If you want to travel from the continents and brave the deadly skies, without the physical labor given to any other crew member, this is the job for you. The Sky Mage is tasked with keeping the Airship aloft, and some of the more talented ones can also prevent storms from slowing down the travel.




Career Progression

Apprentice->Assistant Sky Mage-> Sky Mage-> Arch Sky Mage

Payment & Reimbursement

Depending on the wizard's skill they can be paid anywhere from 2-7 Gold Pieces a dya.

Other Benefits

Wizards of this position are not the most well respected by many others of their skill but are respected by others in the "sailing" community. Sky Mages can be hired by ships and get free passage.

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