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Session 1: A Servant in a Pit Report

General Summary

Lie fell into a pit. Astriella stopped to help, but couldn't find anything. Ilona tried to avoid them, but Astriella convinced her to help. They are attack by Goblins and kill them. The Goblins have rope and they save Lie. They travel to Newrult and see Eregrax playing Accordion. Icicle does a little jig and gets 1 Gp. Ilona tries to message Eregrax but he doesn't understand whats happening and she gives up. Ilona talks to Eregrax in person and he agrees to travel to Newrult with them. Ned tries to buy some paper and succeeds. They start traveling and come to a caravan were Ned buys some fancy clothes. They make camp and are attacked by Bandits.

Rewards Granted

30 Gp, Turquoise(10 Gp), Healing Potion, Rope. 1Gp

Missions/Quests Completed

Are now helping Eregrax travel with him

Character(s) interacted with

Talked to Eregrax, he agreed to travel with them to Newrest.

Created Content


The Cult of the Slaver
Report Date
05 Jun 2019

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