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Chapter I: The Rise of the Cult

Plot points/Scenes

Party Travels to Elder Meadow Learn that there have been a series of kidnappings Hopefully, learn about the location of a possible hideout of the cult organization Worships Etion Want to return him Need sacrifices Meet some important people in the organization Fight them Kellista Demaktos finds out Wants to meet them Asks what they know Suspects, there is a traitor in the guilds(part of the organization) Wants them to attend a gathering to find out If they figure it out they will most likely catch the traitor Learns they were working with the organization that killed Sunny’s dad Demaktos decides she can trust the party Cult of the Slaver is becoming increasingly more violent Attacking small towns One of the main hubs of the cult is an abandoned keep on an island in a large lake Demaktos wants to damage the cult, wants to attack the keep Hires party to go with a group of guards Party will meet an important figure in the cult, will give info



650 years ago a terrible war ravaged the world of Iranta. A group of gods attempted to overtake the land. They wanted to gain control so that the inhabitants could act as their servants and slaves. Their actions twisted them into something similar to demons and devils. The rest of the gods fought against them using their creations as their armies. The war lasted long and in the end, it was a sacrifice from Kaabin that brought victory to the side of good.


Learning about the kidnappings, learning they helped kill Sunny's parents.

Plot type
Chapter I: The Rise of the Cult

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