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The world is high on magic and anomalies. The flavour of the game is a high fantasy setting with large world events. The world is shaken by the events of The Rift and it is changed. Political tensions are high and wars are fought with the new magics created. Revival has become fact from fiction.   A Rift opened above the Corithan Ocean and the continent fell from the sky and came crashing down into it. The appearance of the Rift was that of a fractured mirror distorted and shattered. The shockwaves and great tidal waves that washed out from this location slammed hard into the lands of Val, Tenia and Mythia, killing hundreds of thousands of humanoids.   This Rift also unleashed magic from Zalam into Oram which caused there to be a succession of rifts and anomalies to occur. This new splash of magic granted the world the ability to cast spells like revival and teleportation.   This also allowed even the least magically inclined person the ability to learn magic even when it would be impossible in a world with less magic.   This magic also caused certain species and races to fuse into new beings, such as Half-elf, Half-orcs and tieflings.   Darst had been transported as there had been a demonic incursion. The mages of the world had decided that the best course of action was to teleport the entire continent from Zalam, which it resided into a new one, to escape the demons.